Portraits of mothers with their children

Posted on February 1, 2015 by Karolina Webb under Children Portraiture, Family portraiture, Photography
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With Mother’s Day approaching, I decided to look at some of the portraits of mothers with their children that I have captured in recent years. What I found interesting was that there seems to be a discernible pattern in the way I take those portraits.

Most of the time they are candid, spontaneous moments- unposed tributes the tenderness of a mother’s bond with her child.

In fact, looking at some of my favourites and casting my memory back to the particular circumstances under which they were taken, it occurred to me that many of those portraits were happy accidents. Very often during family photo sessions, I am urged to focus primarily on the children, perhaps including a full-family group shot. Photographers however tend to be opportunists. It is so much in the nature of a photographer (especially one who really loves their work) to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, that they may sneak a few “off-menu” shots. These can be valuable additions to the final selection as adults tend to yield fewer unaffected images. All too often fathers escape the photo shoot after a few minutes while mothers coyly decline on the grounds of being ” unphotogenic “.

I completely empathise with parents shy away from the camera; I freeze at the mere thought of being photographed. However as an artist who is in the right place at the right time with the right people, it would seam a waste not to capitalise on the circumstances.

I wish I had more photographs of my daughter with me that are not out-of-focus or in which I do not look tense and haunted. She is already 11 and I am anxious that opportunities are running out. Instead there are lots of my husband with our daughter but that is a separate blog entry…

Back to my point, I am delighted that many of the mothers that didn’t want to be on the photograph ended up loving the pictures and are now having them in their house hopefully for generations to come.

I would like to believe that these  images are timeless (which is why I tend to choose them in black and white).

Here are some of the portraits I would love to share of mothers with their children:

Portraits of mothers with their children by Karolina Webb Photography
Portraits of mothers with their children by Karolina Webb Photography


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