Portraits of mothers with their children

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With Mother’s Day approaching, I decided to look at some of the portraits of mothers with their children that I have captured in recent years. What I found interesting was that there seems to be a discernible pattern in the way I take those portraits.

Most of the time they are candid, spontaneous moments- unposed tributes the tenderness of a mother’s bond with her child.

In fact, looking at some of my favourites and casting my memory back to the particular circumstances under which they were taken, it occurred to me that many of those portraits were happy accidents. Very often during family photo sessions, I am urged to focus primarily on the children, perhaps including a full-family group shot. Photographers however tend to be opportunists. It is so much in the nature of a photographer (especially one who really loves their work) to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, that they may sneak a few “off-menu” shots. These can be valuable additions to the final selection as adults tend to yield fewer unaffected images. All too often fathers escape the photo shoot after a few minutes while mothers coyly decline on the grounds of being ” unphotogenic “.

I completely empathise with parents shy away from the camera; I freeze at the mere thought of being photographed. However as an artist who is in the right place at the right time with the right people, it would seam a waste not to capitalise on the circumstances.

I wish I had more photographs of my daughter with me that are not out-of-focus or in which I do not look tense and haunted. She is already 11 and I am anxious that opportunities are running out. Instead there are lots of my husband with our daughter but that is a separate blog entry…

Back to my point, I am delighted that many of the mothers that didn’t want to be on the photograph ended up loving the pictures and are now having them in their house hopefully for generations to come.

I would like to believe that these  images are timeless (which is why I tend to choose them in black and white).

Here are some of the portraits I would love to share of mothers with their children:

Portraits of mothers with their children by Karolina Webb Photography
Portraits of mothers with their children by Karolina Webb Photography


Christmas card photo sessions

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From experience, I know that many parents plan to use a photograph of the family for their Christmas card but leave booking the Christmas card photo session until the last minute.

This is why this year, I urged my clients to do it in November. I offered 45-minute long sessions held in the family home or garden, I found these shoots perfect for busy households. Parents could participate in the session if they wished; the children, delighted that the session only lasted 45 minutes, could go back to watching Frozen for the thousandth time (unless on a weekday when they would be returning to their advanced calculus homework). This seemed to make the photo-shoot less of an ordeal.

Having limited time, I focus mainly on capturing the siblings, both together and separately. For those close-up pictures there isn’t much space needed, so as long as there is a little bit of outdoor space or a sheltered area ( in case of rain ) amazing results can be achieved.  After the shoot I upload around 30 images onto an online password-protected gallery from which the parents can choose and download 10 hi-res digital photographs of their choice ( each picture in both colour and black and white).

The fact that this is only a limited November offer cuts it just fine enough to avoid the December rush.  At £200 per session is a bargain and if you still haven’t done your photographs there are a few slots left for the last weekend of November!

Here are some examples, as well as the feedback received:

Christmas Card Portraiture

Some of the portraits taken during the limited November offer


‘ Thanks – they are fantastic. I’ve already recommended you to another friend. ‘



‘ Thank you!!!! We love them. I’m so pleased. Thank you.’



‘ You’ve done such an amazing job that we can’t decide which 10 to select!!  ‘


Order of the Garter Ceremony / Windsor Castle 2014

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The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Sofie Countess of Wessex

The Royal Ballet School Summer Fair

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This was the first time I visited The Royal Ballet School Summer Fair and it was the most enjoyable Summer Fair I ever attended. I wouldn’t have known  about it if I didn’t see Steven McRae’s tweet about book signing at the White Lodge in Richmond Park.  There was just the right amount of everything, first of all we had a nice walk through Richmond Park to get there (and it didn’t even rain!) When finally there we saw the very high standard of dancing performance by the students of The Royal Ballet School, chatted to Steven McRae, had the tour of the school, ate burgers and cakes ( not in the same time ) and bought some fantastic souvenirs. I was very excited to see Honor Mackie, who used to go the same ballet school as my daughter, now ranking among The Royal Ballet School students ( see photo Mazurka, year 10 ). My only regret was not talking to Andrej Uspenski, who took the photographs of Steven McRae for ‘Dancer in the fast lane’. I hadn’t initially realised that he was there ( lucky for him- as I would probably bombard him with thousands of questions )


WALTZ and MAZURKA by Year 10 students

WALTZ and MAZURKA by Year 10 students


SCOTCH RAPSODY by year11 and 'SUBCHACHAS': FAILTE GU ALBA! by year 9 students

SCOTCH RHAPSODY by year11 and ‘SUBCHACHAS’: FAILTE GU ALBA! by year 9 students

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business professionals with eye catching profile photograph

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I recently organised a photo session in the park that was specifically designed to help business professionals end up with good, stand-out images that they can use on social media websites without having to spend a fortune. The idea was to shoot pretty much an “actor’s head shot” as this is what the public seems to respond to.

I had wonderful feedback from everyone and I am very pleased they are already using their ‘fresh head shots’ online.

This are personal websites, LinkedIN, twitter accounts, theatre programs and Spotlight’s website (if you are an actor ) or any other websites where one is prompted to upload their profile picture. I dream about a folder on my computer in which I have some good shots of me so I can pick and choose as I wish without the usual drama…

Whenever I look at profiles on social media websites, LinkedIn for instance, I am always drawn by a good image- I am sure it isn’t only me. These days there isn’t much point in a profile without a profile picture and a bad photo could in-fact discourage potential employers / business partners.

Here are some examples; if you are interested in getting yours done please get in touch, I am running another session this Saturday 3rd of May, Hammersmith Park ( Wood Lane Station ), sessions are every half an hour.

The shoot takes no longer than 30 minutes and costs £50, for this you would receive the five choicest digital images (in both colour and black & white formats).

Please get in touch if you would like to book a session.


Examples of social media head shots by Karolina Webb Photography

Examples of social media head shots by Karolina Webb Photography