Damaging Objects – Lana Locke – 23/04/2014

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Images captured from the private view of Lana Locke’s first gallery solo exhibition Damaging Objects at Schwartz Gallery, Hackney Wick. Friends, family and fellow artists were in attendance on the evening.

The exhibition follows Lana’s participation in Bloomberg New Contemporaries in Autumn 2013, and forms part of her practice-based PhD at Chelsea College of Arts.

Damaging Objects is open Friday to Sunday, 1-6pm until 18 May 2014. Further details available here: http://www.schwartzgallery.co.uk

Lana_Locke_Damaging_Objects 1

Lana Locke at the opening night of her first solo exhibition ‘Damaging Objects’

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Portraits of Children in Cherry Tree Pre-nursery

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For one week a year for the last four years, I have taken portraits of the children in Notting Hill’s Cherry Tree Pre-nursery. I have just finished this year’s round of photographs and as usual the experience was replete with adventure.

The children at the nursery are, on average, two years-old. Generally children this age do not have particularly well-honed communication skills which can mean that winning a child’s trust can be difficult- some appear to take a very dim view of the disruption to their busy schedules and require hours of coaxing before they open up.

This age however, is also when children’s personalities begin to assert themselves and consequently when the children start to be real individuals. This usually means that when you have won your subject over they are completely hilarious.

I love this annual event and I never leave, at the the end of the week, without having laughed myself sick. I hope you enjoy the slideshow I made to remind me of my time there:


Growing Trend: professional headshots for social networking website profile pictures

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Recently I have been getting more and more requests for professional headshots specifically to be used for social networking website profiles- more often than not LinkedIn and Facebook. The former is where people attempt to show themselves in a professional light and the latter is where savvy potential employers and / or clients go to see what you get up to when you are not in your work environment. All of a sudden that photograph of you stumbling down the middle of the road with a traffic cone on your head doesn’t seem like the wisest choice of profile picture. Clearly what you want is a photograph that says “Hey, I’m a pretty laid-back and collected kind of operator in my down-time but not so much that it means i’m not a human dynamo when I’m in the office… oh yeah!”

A good profile picture really shows. If you scroll through a list of social media profiles, it is amazing how much a well-executed photograph jumps out at you from the melange of crude crops taken from blurry party shots. What it boils down to is that, these days,  you need an actor’s headshot. An actor’s headshot should show the subject off to their very best advantage while not doing so in a context that might put anyone off- i.e.. it needs to make them look gorgeous but in a way that allows them to be whatever the viewer wants them to be.




Are you convinced? I hope so, because I am all up for flooding the social media websites with better profile photos, to the point that I am effectively halving my rate for a headshot special over two weeks in April.

All you need to do is to email me with your preferred time and date. The session only takes 30minutes and I do all the editing and retouching. I recommend one change of outfit- a top and  then a top with a jacket or a scarf  tends to work well. Hey-presto!- Two days later you choose your 5  favourite pictures and download them from a private gallery on my website- ready for immediate use. You can download two versions of your pictures: high resolution for printing and smaller resolution for online use.


£50 for 5 digital portrait photographs

Valid on Saturday  5th af April 2014 and 12th of April 2014

EXTRA DATE ADDED: 3rd of May 2014

slots every half and hour between 9am and 6pm

location: Hammersmith Park (behind BBC Broadcast House)

to book please email me


Wedding Albums by Karolina Webb Photography

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Weddings are tense and stressful events for photographers due to the extraordinary whirlwind of (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime moments which, if missed, have the capacity to offend ones’ client and reflect badly on you. At the end of the reception, when the bar has run dry and the DJ is playing Love Is All Around Me, the photographer can put the camera away, rest his or her aching feet… and bask in the knowledge that their work has only just begun! The wedding album is the delivery mechanism for all those cherished moments and negotiating the bewildering range of finishes, bindings, formats and lay-outs with one’s client can be a pretty daunting prospect.

No more: Last year I nailed it! I think that this is just about perfect, so much so that I just had to share it.

We picked a leather binding in duck-egg blue with the simple, silver-leafed title: “Lilly and Rupert” and the date. We whittled down the selection to the very best images and chose black pages to make them pop. There are loads of other leather-colour options (some of my favourites included sage and Air Force blue) with the less outré black, white and ivory also available.

Although only a photographer can really know how much work goes into a 40-page album like this, the many different stages and events of the day are all there and the final result is sleek and polished enough to belie all that graft.

Here is a slide show of the page spreads and some pictures of the album:



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Photocrowd expert review in category: CIRCLES

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3rd place award from 2000 entries. Judge Alex Bortkiewicz, director of photography at Alamy. Photocrowd, online photography competition, subject: 'Circles'

Image awarded 3rd place from 2000 entries by Judge Alex Bortkiewicz, director of photography at Alamy. Photocrowd, online photography competition, subject: ‘Circles’

I entered my image to an online photography competition on Photocrowd, contest subject: ‘Circles’. My image didn’t do well when judged by the crowd, so I was very excited to be awarded 3rd place ( out of 2000 entries ) by the expert judge Alex Bortkiewicz, director of photography at Alamy. Here is her review:

‘I thought this was a very intriguing interpretation of ‘Circles’ and using a less obvious subject of portraiture to illustrate the concept. I like the way the circles reveal themselves in a subdued way – the buttons, the ringlets, the children’s slinkies with the piece de resistance being their enormous wide eyes. The quietness of it all is enhanced by the use of the black and white. The expressions and body language of the children really add to the caught moment, showing their lack of interest in their toys. Many photos of children show boisterous playfulness so this offers a distinct contrast and imbues the image with narrative. A slight pity though that the slinky to left of the frame was not touched up more effectively to balance the continuity of its sister.’
Alex Bortkiewicz

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